A Happy Medium and A Happy Birthday

I’ve recently gotten on the Long Island Medium kick (a show on TLC about a lady named Theresa Caputo who speaks to the dead), and I can’t help but wonder about this “speaking to the dead” thing. I’m typically a pretty gullible person, so I’m not surprised that a show like this caught my attention, but I think it’s more than that. Theresa Caputo is a typical Northern woman, and she reminds me a lot of my family, which is probably a big reason why I connected to the show immediately. She speaks her mind, is sometimes inappropriate, but can laugh at herself and seems to be a genuine and loving person. The other reason that hooked me to the show was the concept – communicating with out loved ones who have passed.

Eventually, and unfortunately, almost everyone goes through a major loss at some point in his or her life. My first big experience with death was losing my grandmother, Grandy, when I was 16. Grandy was my mom’s mom, and I spent much of my childhood with her and my grandpa, Papa. She was always happy and either singing or whistling; she was my musical inspiration. Grandy was also one of the best people I ever knew, if not THE best. She could brighten a stranger’s day just by smiling at them. She truly was special.

Grandy died at age 64 – way too early if you ask me. She was supposed to see my graduate from high school and college. She was supposed to be at my wedding, and she was supposed to meet her grandchildren one day. Although I’ve been through different forms of loss, death is by far the worst. There’s no closure, no guarantee that you’ll get to say goodbye, and no way to resolve all your feelings of things left unsaid. If I ever had the chance to talk to a medium like Theresa Caputo, I’d have many questions. Did Grandy know we were by her side at the end? Was there anything that could have been done to keep her here longer? Is she experiencing things with us as we go through life? I don’t know if knowing the answers to these questions would make it any easier to deal with, even after 6 years. All I’d really want to know is if she knew how much we love her and how much she is missed each and every day. And whether or not mediums are real, I think hearing this would make me feel better.

After three episodes of this show, I just realized why I’m missing her so much… it’s Grandy’s birthday today. She would have been 70 today. Happy Birthday Grandy, I love and miss you always.


2 responses to “A Happy Medium and A Happy Birthday

  1. clupinski1972

    Your Grandy was a wonderful person. I loved her so much. She taught us so many things. I thought of her this morning when I was correcting the girls with their grammar. I could hear her voice when she used to correct me. Many of my fondest memories as a kid are with her! She is with all of us every day in someway.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. She used to correct Papa all the time, and we all used to have spelling contests! She’s definitely with us all somehow.

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