Big Families – Normal or Not?

Yesterday was my stepdad’s birthday so in typical family fashion, we had a large family dinner. As if eating three Thanksgivings plus leftovers wasn’t enough, we had to finish the holiday week with another big meal. I spent my entire week enjoying time with my many family members, but it wasn’t until I was sitting at the dining room table yesterday evening listening to the fifteen different conversations that were happening that I realized something – I wouldn’t trade my family for the world. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about this, I love my family very much. But after talking to my friends about their Thanksgiving dinners, I realized how different my family is. Most of my friends had dinner with their parents and siblings, averaging 3-5 people at the table. Mine were a little different… Thanksgiving #1 had 12 people attending, Thanksgiving #2 had 3 (okay, that one was more “normal”) and Thanksgiving #3 had 30. Oh, and we had leftovers on Friday and at least 10 people showed up. If we are counting my stepdad’s birthday dinner yesterday, we had another 12 people… If you can imagine, our table is never dull. People are constantly talking over other people, interruptions are normal in our family and so is yelling. Maybe we don’t get to have quality time with one or two people in our family very often, and maybe we don’t hear everyone speak. But that’s just how we are – we laugh big, we party big, we love big and we trust big. And like I said, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


2 responses to “Big Families – Normal or Not?

  1. Wonderful story and yes, you are blessed with a wonderful family. You have the greatest Mom in the world and she finally found the love of her life in Rocky. your grandpa Bobby is a great guy also . Iv’e known him and your Grandmother since we were teenagers. When you were just a baby our girlfriend Donna and I visited them in Georgia.We had many good times together. God Bless all of you and a very Merry Christmas to all of you. Carol

  2. Hi Carole, I appreciate your note. I do have a very special family – especially mom mom, Papa and Grandy. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas also!

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